A few words about Kairos Counselling Centre

How we work?

There are times in our lives that we can experience difficulties and challenges that we find hard to cope with. This can lead to stress, worry, sleeplessness and anxiety .Too much prolonged stress can lead to more serious health problems and unhealthy ways of coping which may cause us to feel unbalanced.

Counselling offers a chance to talk one to one with a qualified Counsellor. It offers a neutral and anchoring space to explore what is happening and find constructive ways to overcome the difficulties and help locate resilience and new energy within ourselves. With this the person can recover sense of wellbeing and happiness.

At Kairos , a person can expect to be met with genuine understanding, warmth and compassion. We believe that no problem or issue is so difficult   that it cannot be resolved when held in the light of a caring and supportive therapeutic relationship.  Our approach is grounded in humanistic and person centred principles. We work from set of core values that respect each person’s uniqueness and hold them therapeutically in a non-judgmental, genuine and empathic way in a safe and supportive environment.

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